Orion Blaze

The Alcoholic Fire Eater


Str: 18 +4
Dex: 13 +1
Con: 18 +4
Int: 13 +1
Wis:12 +1
Cha: 14 +2

BAB: 0
CMD: 14
CMB: +4

Saves: Fort: 4 (7 when drinking) Reflex: +3 Will: +3
AC: 13 (Flat: 12 Touch: 11)
HP: 11
initiative: +1

Feats: Catch off guard
Alcohol Resistance

Special abilities:
Bardic Knowledge
Bardic preformance
Inspire Courage

Spells: 0 level
Read magic, Detect Magic, Flare, Light
1st level:
Cure light wounds, Charm person

Acrobatics: +5
Climb: +8
Knowledge (History) (local) (nobility): +6
Linguistics: +5
Preform (fire eating): +6
Profession (brewer): +5

Torch: +4 bludg. crit: 20 x2 dmg: 1d3 +4 +1 fire damage
dagger: +4 slash/pierce crit: 20 x2 Dmg: 1d4 +4 (has 2 and uses to throw)


Orion’s Girlfriend Lyndis Tent
Orion Blaze was born and raised on the circus scene. He was the only son of a caravan driver of the circus. His father wanting his son to be much more successful in life, he asked one of the ringleaders (Richard Tent) to take him as an apprentice to learn to run the business. Richard had wanted to keep the family business going, but it was always past down to the eldest son, and Richard’s son and wife had died in a tragic circus fire. The Richard took Orion under his wing, but Orion was to intrigued by the side shows and the entertainment. He took up Fire eating which upset Richard immensely. What was worst, Orion had fallen in love with Richard’s remaining child Lyndis. Orion eventually talked Lyndis into taking up the entertainment arts, and she too began fire eating, but mostly did the dancing. Richard, fearing the worst for his daughter, and who had banned fire acts since the loss of his wife and son, made life so miserable for Orion, Orion began to drink heavily. He was on the road to recovery with the help of Lyndis, until his oil was swapped with elven whisky, starting the cycle over.

His favorite drink is the Flaming Knockout. A horrible mixture of 2 oz. dark rum* 2 oz. light rum*2 oz. 150 proof rum* 2 oz. vodka*2 oz. whiskey* 2 oz. tequila*2 oz. sweet vermouth* 2 oz. dry vermouth*2 oz. gin* 5 oz. red dragon blood 1 oz. bat guano (crushed) 1 oz. red peppers (crushed). It’s lit on fire with a 5% of exploding which deals 1d3 damage to everyone within 5 ft of it. If one can drink it without passing out instantly, it’s quite a feat. Orion does it nearly every night.

Orion is only 17 years old, but is quite skilled in his trained arts. He acts much more mature due to the severe traveling and drinking. He isn’t much of a follower, hating authoritative figures ever since Richard started messing with his life. he needs to have at least one drink a day to stave off withdrawal, which puts him in a sour mood.

Orion was visiting the town with the Circus when he got very drunk and was left in the town. He has since been getting drunk in the local bar and has run up quite a tab. He is seeking a traveling adventure to find his missing circus and see his beloved again.

Orion Blaze

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